Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A new national anthem for Ireland!

Since it's St. Patrick's Day, and since I enjoy a song occasionally, here's a fine suggested anthem for Ireland.

A new national anthem for Ireland!: "Ireland, Ireland!

By ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method’
Ireland, Ireland, damp sod of earth
lost on the surf of the North Atlantic.
Ireland, Ireland, mountains and mist,
Vodka and chips, it’s so romantic."
Continued, and with audio of it sung with gusto, at the link. Not being Irish, I can't suss out what the censored word is.


John Finnemore said...

I am not Irish either, but I'm closer than you are (geographically, at least), so I'll have a crack at it: Munster, Leinster and Connacht are three of the four provinces of Ireland. The fourth, Ulster, is made up of nine counties that are part of Great Britain, and three that are part of Eire. And more importantly, it is made up of a lot of people who would be enraged if it was included in an Irish National Anthem, and a lot of people who'd be enraged if it wasn't...

If you like this song, you should try their eponymous album. It's really good. It is, er, entirely about cricket. I can't imagine that would put you off...

riffle said...

Thank you for the illumination, Mr. Finnemore. The song is more cunning and clever than I thought. At least it's not in Gaelic.

I admit that I don't know cricket history (though I recognize the visage of W G Grace), and I will never understand the rules. But, at your instigation, I discovered that "Duckworth Lewis Method" is a deep-in-the-weeds cricket term: hilarious. Their tunes I have found on YouTube are excellent, even with my scant cricket knowledge.

Thanks for, once again, making a funny thing funnier.

As recompense, here's a baseball song that requires zero knowledge of the rules: Van Lingle Mungo by Dave Frishberg. All the lyrics are names of baseball players.

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