Friday, November 19, 2004

Kerry's a Closer. NOT!

Kerry to Give Dems Leftover Campaign Cash

Boy this sucks. Concerning the millions the Kerry campaign had left over after the election:
One member of Kerry's inner circle of campaign aides said Thursday that the failure to spend the money cost the senator victory in a close election.
I rearlize this is one, perhaps disgruntled insider. But, really, Kerry had fifteen million dollars or so to spend. (And that should not have been saved for a recount: Any potential recount would have used a seperate account they were raising money for, not general campaign funds. )

Sitting on that money was foolish. What could he have been thinking?

[I've not been jumping on Kerry, even though he made some other mistakes (like not hitting back hard enough on the Swiftie liars and tying them closer to Bush), but letting millions accrue interest while he should have been spending them .... Words fail me.]

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gaw3 said...

Yeah, and all that time the polls showed just a 2-3% lead for Bush. You CAN buy your way out of that size of hole.
I'm pretty sure people in Ohio/Wisconsin were getting ready to assault the next doorbell ringer, so Kerry could not have spent it that way. But, hell, why not rent the Goodyear blimp?

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