Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Paris Hilton Age

Just hearing a bit about Bush's budget, we're back into the Paris Hilton age.

No inheritance tax? That helps Paris Hilton and no middle class people.

Cutting capital gains taxes? Helps Paris Hilton and a lot of children of the rich and maybe -- maybe -- a handful of middle class people.

Cutting Social Security benefits and allowing the government to default on the Social Security Trust fund? Help Paris Hilton, really hurts middle and lower class people.

Cutting taxes for the rich and cutting programs for the middle class and poor? That's the Bush Budget. Helps Paris Hilton and her friends. Hurts everyone else.

Finally, of the people dying in Iraq (and in the military in general around the world) how many does Paris Hilton know? But they die to help her be fabulous.

We're back in the Paris Hilton age.

I hope the Paris Hilton age ends soon. People who aren't Hiltons can't afford to subsidize Paris Hilton forever.

It's not funny anymore.

1 comment:

N said...

So greedy and pathetic and stupid. they're not even trying to hide their corrution any more ("Jeff Gannon" for example). I feel sick.

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