Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chris Matthews: Idiot and Jerk

Thanks to the people who set up Open Letter To Chris Matthews.

Matthews is not outright Foxian, but he's even worse in a way. Everyone knows the people on Fox are already in the tank for the Republicans. Matthews may fool some dolts into thinking he's actually fair and balanced.

I used to be able to stomach the guy. He was always dimwitted and shallow as a petri dish, but he'd at least occasionally have someone on who wouldn't just parrot the same bullshit.

Then I just got tired of him:

  • having right-wingers such as Pat Buchanan or Byron York on at the same panel as impartial reporters, so the wingers could spin the hell out of whatever the reporters said, and it could pass unrebutted.
  • being too stupid to catch the details of whatever topic he was dealing with. If it is more complicated than his gut could interpret, he is lost.
  • downplaying the Abramoff scandal and trying to make it seem that Delay and Abramoff were just doing what Democrats were doing. That really pissed me off. He's apparently still pulling that idiocy.
  • being so singularly obsessed with Hillary Clinton, and always negatively. He treats her as an object of derision both for herself and as a facet of the Democratis party. which he obviously doesn't like either. He's really got a hardon for Hillary -- it got so I couldn't watch the show without him bringing her up in all kinds of ridiculous associations. I don't want her to be the nominee in 2008, but I manage to spend whole weeks without thinking of Hillary Clinton. Matthews can't manage that.

All that and many other things finally got me to turn him off. I used to like to watch Matthews to lead into Olbermann. But no more. I turn off the TV or watch CNN (Blitzer isn't much better but at least he's not bloviating idiotically about politics all the time) rather than listen to Matthews' hydrocephalic obsessions.

Matthews really is borderline retarded. I could deal with that if he weren't an asshole on top of it.


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. He is the most pathetic of wankers and more dangerous as some people seem to think that he does not have a leaning one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

Wow, He drives me crazy. I still watch him, and always get angry. He thinks he's 'hard-hitting' but he strikes below the belt at least 80% of the time. I know you wrote this awhile ago but, just so you know, he hasn't changed. He's still a right-wing leaner, who has loved McCain for YEARS, which isn't bad except when he's pretending to be some open-minded, 'fair and balanced' show.

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