Saturday, January 05, 2008

Video/Audio: O'Reilly and Obama, Nashua, Sat.

You may have read about O'Reilly striking or shoving an Obama staffer today in Nashua, New Hampshire. Here are reports by John Dickerson at Slate, and Lynn Sweet at the Sun-Times.

As both reports note, Obama spoke with O'Reilly after the incident, apparently unaware of O'Reilly having shoved the staffer.

C-Span carried the rally and, as they often do, kept the camera and microphones rolling after the speech. I recorded the event and noticed that part of the Obama-O'Reilly exchange was caught by C-SPAN. Here is the video:

What follows below is a rough transcript. With distant miking, crowd noise, and crosstalk,it's hard to tell exactly what was said, but I'm pretty sure this is an accurate account of what I could hear--what I couldn't hear, of course, I couldn't transcribe.

Obama Nashua Rally. Sat, January 5, 2007
C-Span onscreen time at the beginning of this clip is 11:44 a.m. ET, and the exchange ends just before the minute rolls over to 11:45.

Obama working the crowd
(Audio is the C-Span voiceover, not transcribed.)

About 33 seconds into this clip the audio
switches to the audio in the room. O'Reilly
and Obama have apparently just begun
speaking (though I can't tell exactly when).

Obama points to the audience spillover room and
says to O'Reilly: "I've got --
there's a whole bunch of people over
there and I need to talk to them ...."

O'Reilly: [Unintelligible]

Obama: Sometime.


Obama: How about after the primary? Alright?

O'Reilly: Alright. Thank you very much. You're
a good guy. We've liked you...

Obama: Thank you. After the primary we'll ...

O'Reilly: After New Hampshire?

Obama: After the primary [Transcribers NOTE: Perhaps that's
"after the primaries," plural?]. Alright? [Crosstalk]

O'Reilly: Alright

Exchange ends about 54 seconds into this clip.
I may tweak the transcript if I (or my commenters) hear something that I missed in this initial transcript.


Anonymous said...

This video is a mistake by Obama. He should continue his freeze out of Fox forever, even if he becomes president. Now he has two choices.

1. Go on O'Reilly's show, thus giving O'Reilly legitimacy.
2. Go back on his word and avoid Fox.

Obama should continue to freeze out Fox even if he becomes president. Democrats should be ridiculing that network, not pandering to it.

Anonymous said...

I was there and the way Obama said it (the tone) I took it to mean they would talk about whether or not he would go on the show -- not that he was at all saying he WOULD go on. He was trying to get to the other room, so he was trying to put O'Reilly off by saying they'd talk about it later.

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