Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brand Momentum

I keep hearing people, such as Pat Buchanan right now on MSNBC, wondering: why Obama can't run away from Clinton?

It's really easy now to overlook how much, for identified Democrats, "Clinton" is practically synonymous with "pretty successful and popular Democratic President." For instance, three Clintons (Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea) were petting every puppy and painting every porch in South Dakota and Puerto Rico. They could blanket those places with Clintonisma.

The Appalachia problem may be a real one, but let's not forget that Obama was running into the headwind of the biggest Democratic brand in decades. Brands don't usually evaporate in an instant.

Recall this time?
Among key findings: Clinton's lead among African-Americans has widened by 9 percentage points, to 62%-34%.

That was October 2007, just eight months ago. Obama leveraged a great ground game in Iowa. The Clintons pissed off black voters.

But, even yet, they haven't totally destroyed their brand. But they left just enough room for another brand to emerge. Soon, he'll have the Democratic landscape to himself and he'll move on to build his own brand into something bigger, I'm sure.

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