Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Entitlements" and the Left

To quote Atrios, in full:
I believe this is what we in the professional blogging biz call "trolling," but I'll bite. The Left, including yours truly, will create an epic 360 degree shitstorm if Obama and the Dems decide that cutting Social Security benefits is a good idea.
See also:

Matthew Yglesias , quoted in part (read the whole post):
I’m not sure what the administration’s thinking is, but certainly I wouldn’t be silent if he were to propose draconian cutbacks in Social Security and Medicare. On the other hand, if Obama wants to get the long-term public fiscal situation in check by tackling its main root cause—runaway cost inflation in the health care sector—I would applaud that
Hilzoy, also quoted in part (read the whole post):

Or, in short: once Obama comes out with specific proposals on entitlements, I will say something about them. Until then, my little piece of the Silence of the Left should not be taken to reflect anything more than not knowing what, exactly, he proposes. (It's certainly not that I am "afraid to express concerns", as Rep. Jim Cooper suggests in the Politico piece.) Some things that go by the name of "entitlement reform" are fine. Others are not. If Obama proposes the latter, there will be no "honeymoon" or "breathing room". But until I have some idea what, exactly, Obama proposes to do, I don't really see much point in speculating.

And if my failure to comment on this has "buoyed the spirits of reformers who would like to see drastic changes in the way Social Security works", they have a surprise in store for them.
My sentiments reflect those above.

Fortunately, I'm pretty sure Obama doesn't believe most of the patent bullshit that spews from Politico.

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