Friday, March 13, 2009

Rockbox Again. And Better

Rockbox is coming along well (I've long been a fan). I'm eagerly anticipating when they have software ready for the amazing Sansa Clip -- soon I hope!

Also, it appears that Apple keeps pilfering ideas from Rockbox and implementing them -- partially -- in their fantastically overpriced and partially crippled players.

Rockbox has had speech - support for years. It's a heartening thing about the software. I've been choked up more than once due to blind users writing to express their pleasure in being able to use an MP3 player.

I'm glad the blind will have an off-the-shelf player now. But I'm pretty sure Rockbox implements it better, cheaper, and with much more leeway to do what the user actually wants (rather than what Steve Jobs likes).

Since I last wrote about it, in the link above, the Rockboxers have done some amazing things. A much more flexible and robust installation program. Best of all, a fully usable USB stack. Video in almost all players. Even more sound formats. Rockbox does nearly everything better now.

It's a thing of beauty. Rockbox: now more than ever.

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