Friday, May 29, 2009

The Capital of the World

Since when is a housing project in the South Bronx the Capital of the World?

Manhattan is maybe the capital of the world. A housing project in the South Bronx is farther away from that "Center" than an Amish farm in Lancaster County, PA.

Sotomayor also didn't just "get into" Princeton. She spent four years there and was the first or second person in graduation grades.

You can possibly get in with affirmative action slide-by (though you still must be very smart), but you can't get virtually every professor to give you A's for four years. She was a very smart person as an undergraduate. I doubt John Derbyshire could have ever gotten so high on graduation, even in his homeland of the UK.

Those who want to paint her as a dummy are thinking that every superlative achieved is "affirmative action" if the receiver isn't white.

And. speaking as a while male, I think that's why no one darker than me (or lighter, for that matter) should ever trust a Republican.

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