Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Had All the Good Signs

Satire from bystanders may cut both ways, but satire and humor from participants can be simultaneously funny and apt.

From Wisconsin:

Photo by Dave Weigel

Oddly enough, the sentiment in the placard may be in response to some "pox on both houses" satire by Jon Stewart in recent days.

There is quite a lot of funny stuff from Wisconsin, intentionally and otherwise.

I noticed that the uprising in Egypt was full of comic protest, too. Anna Louie Sussman writes about humor in the Egyptian revolution for the Atlantic, including this little jibe travelling in email:

Dear Egyptian demonstrators,

Please do not damage the pyramids. We will not rebuild.

-The Jews


The title of this post is a variant of a line from Tom Lehrer's song "The Folk Song Army.

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