Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Few More-or-Less Amazing Things.

  • Coming in 2013, a film of At Swim-Two-Birds. It's one of the two or three funniest Flann O'Brien books, which makes it among the funniest things ever written.
  • I saw i/Fran_Liebowitz">Fran Liebowitz today. In a K-Mart. Impossible to fathom.
  • BBC iPlayer is soon going to launch in countries other than the UK. Make it to the US soon, please, and expand from just the iPad. I will be glad to pay for that service (just don't make it extortionate, Auntie Beeb).
  • The resolution of the debt ceiling is terrible. And most terrible of all, variants of it will get played out for the rest of our lives and it appears Democrats can't play to win any of these hissy fits. Looks like the long decline of America will feature a few people on platinum-armored yachts kept afloat by compliantly dysfunctional instutions and the destitution of millions of dolts who vote to thicken the platinum cladding.

Edited to add: After I wrote "variants of it will get played out for the rest of our lives..." Yglesias wrote a post explaining.

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