Wednesday, January 30, 2008

35 Years of Change

Hillary says she's been 35 years of experience making change? Hah!

Think of another woman who was a professional before marrying a political man, and who served as First Lady of a state governorship, and First Lady of the United States. Consider 45 years of change from Laura Lane Welch Bush--ten years more than Hillary Clinton.

If you don't investigate Hillary's history past the public-relations-speak, then don't investigate Laura's past either--it's all just "experience."

In 1963 -- 45 years ago --Laura was involved in a car accident when she ran a stop sign and crashed into another car, killing a friend and classmate, Michael Dutton Douglas. This began her lifelong pursuit of road safety. There is no accounting for the lives Laura has saved in her endeavor to make roads safer.

Laura decided to educate the nations' youth, and worked for four long years to amass the credits needed to help them. In 1968 Laura earned a BS in Education from Southern Methodist University. While Hillary was thinking about Politics (graduating in 1969 with a degree in Political Science), Laura was thinking about helping young people learn.

Laura went out to the trenches, helping kids learn as a school teacher in an elementary school in 1969. She served in the trenches, teaching children with humility and grace until 1972.

Seeking to enhance her ability to help children, Laura earned a Masters Degree in 1973, in Library Science (now called Information Science -- prescient indeed), working as a librarian and information specialist until 1977.

After 1977 she married and had children, for which she gave up her career to nurture, though continuing her service to information science and libraries.

As First Lady of Texas, Laura Bush served five years, focusing on women's and children's causes, as well as literacy and libraries. She was an agent for reading, for literacy, for the glories of experience that the written word can provide.

Since 2001, Laura Bush has continued her work to improve the state of children and women, and to battle for more books, libraries, and information in the public at large.

45 years of spectacular work from Laura Bush. It's ten more years than Hillary has admitted to.

There you go. Laura Bush is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be President!

PS: I read somewhere today a vox pop commenter saying they were going to vote for Hillary because she was such a good Vice President. So don't think the Hillary people aren't going for this kind of thing with the low information voters.

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