Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clinton Fatigue

I share some of the feeling of Sir Charles when he writes of My own Clinton Derangment Syndrome?:
I've been mulling this over for the last day or two, and I think it comes down to this -- the sense that with the Clintons, it's always about them, and with Bill, in particular, it's always about him. No cause, no loyalty, no party or position supersedes their personal political needs.
That's one thing that has revulsed me about them in the past few weeks. Shortly after Obama was projected the South Carolina winner last night, Bill Clinton began speaking and, to kick off his talk, spent what seemed like five minutes talking about not Hillary but himself: his Presidency, his governorship, his great deeds. All this was a prologue to saying that even if he wasn't married to Hillary he'd still support her.

For one thing, I don't believe him. For another, all his purported good deeds are irrelevant to him supporting his wife. But, even his wife's loss was a chance for him to talk himself up. It was revolting, especially when added to the stream of dog-whistle sleaze he'd been pumping into the mediastream for the past few weeks, throwing the African-Americans who used to support him off the back of the bus.

A similar conclusion, but from a different angle, from one of Andrew Sullivan's readers:
But something essential shifted inside of me and in my 43 years, I have never experienced anything like it. After 15 years of unflinching, Blumenthal-level Clintonista tendencies, I woke up one day and realized I hated them.
Hate may be too strong a word, but I do feel revulsion toward both Clintons. They think that all will come together in Kumbaya if Hillary wins the nomination, and for many it may.

But not for me. I can't vote for someone who, when I see or hear them, my gorge rises. A month ago, Hillary was just a benign presence on the airwaves--not inciting great passions pro or con. I felt mildly but distinctly positive about her. That positive but dispassionate view of her is gone, and it will not return.

As I've said before, if Hillary wins, I will sign the Draft Bloomberg petition, hope he drafts a Democratic VP partner, and proceeds to dump a billion dollars--literally a Billion US Dollars-- of The Stink of Truth on Hillary Clinton's head.

I voted for Bill twice, and I've been a registered Democrat my whole life. But if I can't even see the Clintons without registering a physical repugnance, I am not going to vote for them. The best they can hope is that I stay home.

I can only imagine how African-Americans feel about how these pathetic jerks have treated them recently.

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