Friday, May 09, 2008


Atrios says a couple things I've been thinking myself.

The ability of the Clinton camp to inject ridiculous ideas into the mediastream has been amazing. It's a measure of the "look! shiny!" nature of the media as much as the Clinton spin room, but they've had success at it.

Also, Clinton lost the race. She lost it mainly in February. She and her advisers are to blame for that. HRC supporters should be pissed off at Mark Penn and Harold Ickes far more than at Obama.

Ovearching point: spin is no substitute for a good campaign. I think that may indicate some of her weaknesses overall.

Of course, all candidates have weaknesses, Obama included. But he's won this thing.

And I saw someone in that Atrios comment thread complaining about how Obama supporters attack Clinton. Well, look at Taylor Marsh's site, including the (probably disastrous) attempt to swamp superdelegates with email. I mainly hang out with the less insane parts of the blogosphere, but some of those Taylor Marsh commenters make Freepers look rational.

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