Friday, August 08, 2008

Well-Known John McCain

I keep hearing from media folks and cable gabbers that "the American Public knows John McCain."

Well there are things I know about every previous presidential candidate that I didn't know about McCain without looking. So I'd say the American public doesn't know McCain as well as the media thinks we do.

For instance: How many childrend does John McCain have?

John McCain has seven children. Wow, I didn't know that about John McCain, and I know that fact about every other presidential candidate in my lifetime.

2 stepchildren: His first wife, Carol, had two kids which he adopted when they married. Then they had another child in 1966.

Total so far, three.

McCain and his second wife, Cindy, adopted a Bangladeshi child, and had four biological children.

Seven total: 2 stepkids, one adopted, and four biological children.

Also previously unknown to me, John McCain has four grandchildren.

How come, if he's "so well known," I didn't have those facts at my fingertips about basic biographical information?

Because his image may be known, but many basic facts about McCain aren't well known.

So stop telling us that "well-known" falsehood, media-drones.

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