Thursday, August 20, 2009

Political Idiots?

Jed at Daily Kos quotes some anonymous WH person: "The president continues to operate under the belief that liberals will warm to the bill when presented with a goodybag that includes an individual mandate...."

I can't believe the administration has a leading political idiot who would call the individual mandate part of a "goodybag."

What part of "pay a mandatory tax to a private health insurance company with a CEO who makes five million dollars a year -- or be a criminal" is a "goody?"

Without the public option, there should be no mandate. Even with a public option, I'm not sure there should be a mandate.

I keep hearing DC politicians, the President included, who say we need a "uniquely American solution" to health care.

Forcing the middle class and poor to enrich private insurance companies who are already making outrageous profits is "unique." It sure isn't American to me.

And an individual mandate is political suicide, to boot.

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