Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny, and possibly not perfectible

Twitter / Peter Serafinowicz. A simple quote: "'He was revolting, yet mysterious; like a circular turd.'"

I find this sublimely hilarious.

But while I'm laughing, I have to be a pedant and say that while "circular" communicates the impression for most people, I'd think that some would prefer "torus" or "toroidal." "Toroidal" and "turd" would have the same first letter. Better for funny!

So, to belabor it beyond all reckoning, "toroidal turd" is the ideal rendering for the sense of the phrase, but it drains the joke for those without understanding of the topological term "toroid."

Still, as it stands, it's a friggin' funny line.

Peter Serafinowicz may be the funniest Twitterer I've seen.

Thank you Peter Serafinowicz, who spans the Atlantic as a funny person. He will be known to all funny-seekers here and there soon.

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