Friday, August 21, 2009

Roger Ebert: Smart Guy

I have come to understand Roger Ebert's take on movies more as years go by.

Nowadays Roger Ebert has had serious cancer, and has been treated in the US system. He's also a smart guy -- and not dead.

Roger Ebert's Journal: I'm safe on board. Pull up the life rope

His prior entry on health care "Death Panels." A most excellent term. is itself excellent: with graphics from one of the most powerful silent movies of all time.

I've come to like Ebert as a movie reviewer more and more. I don't always agree with him totally -- I generally don't disagree but may quibble. He's both empathic and analytical. He loves cinema. He gives movies a break, especially if they're trying to do something interesting.

In this legislative health insurance scrum, he's fighting a battle he isn't getting paid for, and he'll get screamed at by Cracker Nation. He's one of the good guys. Yet again.

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