Monday, August 17, 2009

What Digby Said

About insurance "reform" with a mandate that individuals buy health insurance from insurance companies:
Hullabaloo: "Insurance 'reform' will end up being defined as the government acting in concert with the insurance companies to force Americans to buy their expensive product --- and it will play perfectly into the right wing populist argument that's gaining currency. Without a public plan as a low cost option, this thing looks a lot less like reform and a whole lot more like a shake down. I could see the new Newtie Populist Republicans using that against all these Blue Dogs and Corporate Senators in their districts next time and taking them out. Personally, I'd be hard pressed to say they were wrong."
Force me to buy private insurance-- hand over cash to Aetna -- or be a criminal?

Fuck that. Forget it. I'm a progressive and want health care reform, but Congress putting in a sluice from my wallet to an insurance company? No way.

If I had a car I'd have to buy auto insurance -- but I don't own a car. What do I have to do in order not to be forced to purchase insurance: stop breathing?

It's an unfunded mandate on every person in the USA. Add the public option and it's not so bad.

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