Sunday, September 12, 2004 - Authenticity of new Bush military papers questioned

Although USA Today doesn't mention it, they've included two documents that didn't appear in the original 60 Minutes story. You can see them here as .pdf files.

The first one is of particular significance. Here's the text:

01 February 1972
SUBJECT: Flight Qualifications
Update me as soon as possible on flight certifications. Specifically - Bath and Bush.

1.) Note the date. This is BEFORE Bush's required flight physical was due. It looks like LtCol Killian's problems with Bush didn't just start with his refusal to take a flight physical.
2.) This links Bush with James R. Bath, who also refused to take a flight physical and was subsequently taken off flight duty at the same time as Bush. James R. Bath was a Bush friend and later became representative of the bin Laden family interests in the US. Bath was also an investor (probably using bin Laden funds, as his name was used in all bin Laden transactions in the US) in Bush's Arbusto Oil.

Bath is alive and well and living at his ranch in Texas. He was a Houston "entrepreneur" and very visible until a nasty divorce and a lawsuit by an unhappy business partner divulged some of his business dealings. Since then he appears to have been lying low at his ranch not saying anything to anyone.

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