Friday, September 24, 2004

War and Piece:

Reality in Iraq

Laura Rozen quotes a piece from the UK Spectator:
So why is it that the snuff movies, which are being deliberately distributed by the killers, are being snapped up in their thousands on DVDs across Iraq?


In the latest video to hit the streets an Egyptian man, accused of spying for the Americans, is paraded before a camera and has his head severed in a matter of seconds by a powerfully built executioner. Before the murder the video shows footage filmed from the camera of an American warplane that fires a missile into a crowded street; and then pictures of Iraqi civilian victims of the fighting.

This piece underplays the good news: Some Iraqis now have DVD players which they can use to play discs of their own choosing!

The fact that they are choosing by the thousands videos of beheadings nestled amid anti-US propoganda is a minor point.

[I just quoted snippets of the Spectator piece -- the whole thing is bleak and sobering reading.]

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