Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Why Bush Skipped his Physical

Why Bush Left Texas

Bush skipped a physical required for National Guard pilots. He was grounded for that reason.

Bush and his moutpieces have given several "explanations" for that, some of which are impossible (for instance, he claimed that his personal physician was unavailable to perform the physical -- but Guard regulations require that a mlitary physician perfrom the exam). Alternatively, they suggest he just blew it off because he didn't want to fly anymore. I wonder what would happen to a current National Guard pilot who decided he didn't want to fly and therefore just skipped a physical.

Why did he skip that physical? The rumors have swirled for a long time. Russ Baker gathers some information and makes some educated guesses.

Bush really has not come clean about his service. He's been lying about it, and biographical information currently on government websites still contains outright lies about his service.

So, it's not only about what he did in 1972, but about his falsehoods concerning his record even some thirty years later.

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