Sunday, July 26, 2009

Country First!

Sarah Palin is holding her "I'm Quitting Serving Alaska" ceremony. CNN is airing it. I was watching it but then the stupidity piled too high.

I figured she'd have hired a speechwriter for it, but it's apparent that she wrote this mess herself. It's Word Salad Shooter. Hyper-grievance machine. Mention miltary a lot, even in odd contexts (to the press: in honor of our military, don't make things up!).

Every Clause! Sounds! like it is! Punctuated with! an! exclamation point!

John McCain thought this woman should be a heartbeat from the Presidency. Country First! I hope she makes the few remaining sane Republican's lives a living hell. After all, Republicans aggrieve her too -- and they'll hear about it from her.

As Atrios twitters it: "republican pres primary will be teh awesome"

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