Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the Loop / Armando Iannucci Links

Update: In the Loop is now available on demand on many cable and satellite systems. Check on this page for details. Now you don't have any excuse.

I'm really into In The Loop, so I'm adding a few links that may interest people who liked the movie or who are considering it.

Audio interview from Sound of Young America, which is a pretty thorough gabber for a US program. Asks about On the Hour and The Day Today, as well as quite a bit about various Alan Partridge incarnations.

Audio Interview by Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

Video interview by Charlie Rose on PBS. Roses' tics are on display but Iannucci has a few minutes to talk.

Audio interview with Leonard Lopate on WNYC in New York. A good radio interview, and not too long.

I wrote a post about Iannucci's stuff before I saw the move, and another after I'd seen it (a review). In those I mentioned the Metacritic scores (more reviews there), and they've stabilized at the stellar score of 84, now from 23 reviewers.

Rotten Tomatoes now has In the Loop at a great score too: 94% Fresh. [ As an aside, I appreciate what Rotten Tomatoes does, and used them exclusively for a few years. But Metacritic came along and seems to do a better job of it, although they don't have a cable presence. Note, oddly, that there's one critic that got a "rotten" score at RT but a 70% positive score at Metacritic, which shows that even these pseudo-objective things have subjective elements. I prefer Metacritic overall.]

Spencer Ackerman, yes the Attackerman Spencer Ackerman of the Firedoglake megablog, consulted on the movie and is in the credits, and that linked post talks about how he got the gig, some of what he did, and some background on Iannucci in DC (Ackerman relates a few things that Iannucci also talks about in various interviews: getting into the State Dept. briefing with a BBC pass, the youth of various policymakers, etc). Nice mix of behind-the-scenes, fanboy, and hail-to-the-hack.

{Spencer Ackerman's name in Credits of In the Loop.}

If you haven't seen In the Loop, getcherass out and watch it. You'll laugh a lot.


Two of my earlier posts about the movie:

A preview with background, written from a US perspective before seeing the movie.

My review of the movie, written just after seeing it. In short, it's great.

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