Thursday, May 29, 2008


Bush met with Rolling Thunder this past Sunday. The greeting on the lawn of the White House lasted about 4 minutes. That was just enough time for Oaf-In-Chief Bush to demonstrate again how he loves to manhandle lesser humans (to him, nearly everyone else in the world). Even those with shrapnel wounds.
Bush thanked Muller with a hard-but-friendly slap to the shoulder.

Muller winced. Nerve damage from a shrapnel wound gives him a ton of pain whenever his shoulder is touched. He even wears metal spikes on his jacket to remind people not to grab him there.

“I do that every year, don’t I?” Bush said.

Muller nodded. “Yes.”

It's minor but telling: I'm sure Bush would be livid if people manhandled him the way he routinely does others.

Fortunately for him he managed not to collect any war wounds himself.

Video here

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