Friday, May 23, 2008

Protective Coloration

The McCain campaign materializes. From Chris Bowers, McCain's protective coloration:
This all comes from a candidate who, back in November, had the word "conservative" appear on his website 291 times, while only using the word "bipartisan" 33 times. A few months earlier, McCain led all Republican candidates in the use of the word "conservative" on his website. Suddenly, he has shifted from being the great conservative champion to the cool, hip, progressive.
Bower's post is a few days old (read the whole, relatively short, thing, with the striking list of new McCain website entries) but I'm sure it's only the beginning.

But let's all remember: McCain isn't Bush--he's only 95% Bush. And of the remaining 5 percent, 3 percent is worse than Bush. It's scientifically proven!

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