Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain - Gambling with the U.S.

McCain Gambling

Apparently John McCain repeatedly goes on gambling binges, playing craps for hours at a time. He's also very superstitious.

How much money has he lost gambling in Las Vegas and elsewhere?

I wonder if he'd be in the gambler's poorhouse if his wife weren't giving him a gambling allowance.

UPDATE: The Jed Report has more information on McCain's friend Wes Gullet, who would roll craps with him in Vegas for 14-hour stretches. And who is a lobbyist. And a lobbyist whose clients benefitted from land-swap legislation McCain initially opposed. But, after Gullet's lobbying, McCain changed his position on the land-swap.

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Anonymous said...

Love that description of McCain as an "avid gambler." So descriptive and yet non-judgmental.

Well, at least he plays dice and not the slot machines, like that wussy Bill Bennett. I'd much prefer it if he was a serious bridge or poker player. Now that takes brains.

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