Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bush's Real Mandate

Don't start any large new projects until you prove that you can fix some of the nasty messes you created in your firs term. I can't see why anyone would trust you to start a big new mess when you still won't:

  • show any seriousness about budgets. Instead we hear more programs from you that are going to further blow out the deficit you created.
  • Get Iraq on the right track and stop our soldiers from getting killed over there.
  • Make a serious dent in terrorism with a grand strategy beyond Iraq --where an assault on Fallujah is about to incite a bunch more people to hate the U.S.
  • Have an economy that lifts people out of poverty rather than adding to their roles.
  • Rather than having fewer people with health coverage, have more.

    Maybe when you fix a few of those horrific problems, I'll trust you to do something else.

    If not, then no.

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