Monday, November 01, 2004


There are a number of good omens for Kerry today. I'll just pick a few.
  • Josh Marshall's posts here and especially here, and scroll around for more
  • Bush's disaappearing lead in several polls this week, as pointed out by the (admittedly, generally a site with rose-colored glasses for Dems) Donkey Rising (again, scroll for more).
  • Fox's poll showing a small (within margin of error) Kerry lead.
  • Meta-analysis from a Princeton prof with some statistical expertise showing a likely Kerry win.
There's more good news for Democrats out there. Kerry has momentum. I feel pretty hopeful. But everyone has to vote, wait in long lines if necessary. Bring a book. Bring an umbrella. Bring some leftover halloween candy to hand out. Make it enjoyable!

And the Dems have to make sure the election isn't outright stolen from them by voting machines, election hanky panky, or whatever scummy tricks the Republicans pull. Turnout is essential to put this election beyond question.

To win this war, the Dems have to get out the vote. Vote and take 1, 2, 3 or more people with you.

I was listening to Hardball and they seem to think that polls are moving for Kerry because of Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised at all. Dick Morris doesn't say many things I agree with, but I do agree with this quip of his (from memory, so it may not be precise): "If you're going to run as a war President, you kind of have to win the war."

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