Sunday, November 21, 2004

Republican Priorities

In just the last few days, Republicans have already begun sleaze that should be condemnable even to most in the GOP. What are Republican priorities now?
  • SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO TRASH PRIVACY AND GATHER INFO TO ATTACK ENEMIES: Republicans tried to insert language into a bill that would allow Congressional leaders access to any American's tax returns. It was a few lines in a huge omnibus bill; they hoped no one would catch it. Thank you Democratic staffer, for finding this travesty!
  • KEEP THE POOR UNEDUCATED: Republicans voted to cut college funds for around a hundred thousand students
  • REWARD CRIMINALLY INDICTED REPUBLICANS: Republicans voted to change the rule barring indicted Republican congressional leaders from their positions: with the vote, Delay can still serve as leader even when he's indicted.
  • TAKE RIGHTS FROM WOMEN: They inserted anti-abortion provisions into a huge spending bill.
Those are just off the top of my head, and they probably don't reflect other sneaky stuff that went through unnoticed.

It's not even the new Congressional session yet, which will have safer margins in House and Senate for Republicans. What scary times we live in.

[At, DemFromCT says "Welcome to the seventies." I'd agree, except that Nixon actually tried to help the poor -- this crowd cuts their college funds -- and Nixon had the opposition party running Congress -- Bush has a sycophantic Republican Congress that won't investigate any idiocy he perpetrates.]

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