Saturday, December 04, 2004

A Foolish ...Something

Gaw3 of Keats Telescope does something I haven't considered for a couple years: taking Charles Krauthammer seriously and not just as a Bush mouthpiece. Still, we find that Krauthammer is a Bush (not conservative, nor Conservative, nor Republican) hack.

A Foolish Consistency

Gaw3 writes:
Without too much trouble, one could mention that elections were already underway in Ukraine, but were disrupted and subverted with the connivance of an outside power. If the Iraqi elections get railroaded by the U.S., then I hope Mr. Krauthammer will welcome German and French outrage. In the name of consistency.
Yes, I'm sure Krauthammer values intellectual consistency highly.

As do others, who Gaw3 is anticipating, who say:
Did you know that solving the election crisis in Ukraine is going to involve a full-scale invasion, a several-year occupation, and a terrorist insurgency?
No, Krauthammer is just trying to blame the French and Germans for the abysmal performance of the Americans. Blame-shifting will be his reflex in Bush's second term. Bush can do nothing wrong, and no one who ever disagreed with Bush can do anything right.

The message discipline of the hacks is astounding. Even if the US goes into the toilet, their song is whatever Bush wants them to sing.

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