Friday, December 03, 2004

They Call Scalia The Smart One


Scalia at Manhattan's Shearith Israel synagogue.
Scalia, 68, addressed the topic of government and its relationship to religion.

In the synagogue that is home to America's oldest Jewish congregation, he noted that in Europe, religion-neutral leaders almost never publicly use the word "God."

But, the justice asked, "Did it turn out that, by reason of the separation of church and state, the Jews were safer in Europe than they were in the United States of America? I don't think so."

Yeah, I'd bet the Nazis were too principled to use the church to forward the Reich. Sure. Thomas Hartmann does a good takedown of Scalia:
Article 1 of the "Decree concerning the Constitution of the German Protestant Church, of 14 July 1933," signed by Adolf Hitler himself, merged the German Protestant Church into the Reich, and gave the Reich the legal authority to ordain priests.

Article Three provides absolute assurance to the new state church that the Reich will fund it, even if that requires going to Hitler's cabinet. It opens: "Should the competent agencies of a State Church refuse to include assessments of the German Protestant Church in their budget, the appropriate State Government will cause the expenditures to be included in the budget upon request of the Reich Cabinet."

That new state-sponsored German church's constitution opens: "At a time in which our German people are experiencing a great historical new era through the grace of God," the new German state church "federates into a solemn league all denominations that stem from the Reformation and stand equally legitimately side by side, and thereby bears witness to: 'One Body and One Spirit, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All of Us, who is Above All, and Through All, and In All.'"
Scalia always scared me but I thought he was only misguided, not ignorant.

Now I know it's much worse.

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gaw3 said...

Yeah, I used to think Scalia was just Rehnquist on steroids, but my opinion of him is rapidly sinking. Scalia has also recently been ducking questions (sorry about the pun) about his actions in resolving the '00 election dispute. When W.R. leaves the court it could get really ugly.

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