Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Which Quagmire Is Greater?

Gary Brecher, War Nerd, compares the US in Iraq vs. Russia in Chechnya in the The 2004 Quagmire Bowl!
But in one way our countries are totally alike: we're both stuck in quagmires. You're bogged down in Chechnya, and we're hip-deep in the shit in Iraq.

So whose quagmire is deeper and stickier, yours or ours?

It's pretty easy to make the case for Iraq as a military disaster. By now, the only people who won't admit it are the ones who think God personally ordered us to invade.

I'm not sure where in the Bible they get that from. After all those years of sweating through Sunday morning Children's Service, I don't remember anything about how some kid from Oregon has to lose his leg to an IED in Ramadi. Maybe He was speaking in tongues at the time.
It's funny and makes some good points. Don't know how I've missed War Nerd until now.

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