Thursday, December 09, 2004

Washington Post Spews the Funny

Here's a priceless bit of drollery from Harold Myerson at the Post. It's an Op-Ed column cast as a news story from 2016 reporting the reappointment of Rumsfeld as Defense Secretary, beginning his 16th consecutive year as SecDef.

Eternally Rumsfeld.

I know it sounds deadly, but it's deft and funny.

Here's just the last paragraph:
Rumsfeld's decision to remain at the Pentagon's helm may not have been dictated entirely by his desire to stay until the PTCZWBOS is secured. "Don took a bath when the dollar tanked back in 2005," one prominent Republican said, "and hasn't done all that well since the dollar was pegged to the yuan. In the absence of Social Security, he can't afford to quit."
I laughed out loud several times. Please read it, if you like to laugh.

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