Monday, February 21, 2005

Hard Core Troubadors

Appearing at CPAC, The Right Brothers - Issue based, Conservative music.

Wow, what powerful words and music, like this from the song "Trickle Down:"
If the rich man didn't spend his cash
on cars and boats and planes
there'd be a lot of average joes
out of work today

His dollar helps America's
economy to thrive
The rich man keeps the workin man
working and alive.

Trickle down, trickle down
Let the money trickle down
It won't do anybody good
buried in the ground
Trickle down, trickle down
Let the money spread around
And one day it'll be my turn
And mine'll trickle down.

A song celebrating the rich and lower marginal tax rates on them! These guys are really going to bust the charts wide open.

Link from Unemployed Kerry Staffer.

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