Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mitigated Excitement

This short post from I Love Radio .org is swirling with so many hitherto (to me) unexplored facets of our universe that I'm yet more slack-jawed than usual.

Bob Edwards got a super-cheap going-away jacket from NPR? And it didn't fit? And he gave away the going-away jacket? And the recipient is auctioning it? And giving the proceeds to American Public Radio, NPR's bloody fanged arch-nemesis?

Well, okay, those things really aren't that befuddling. However, as an inhabitant of the non- Canadian English-speaking part of North America, I'm stunned to consider that there is radio coverage of curling!

Maybe radio coverage of baseball could be considered dull. But in comparision to curling, it has to be super-gut-gripping.
And the stone has left the hand straight down the center line. There's a miniscule anti-clockwise rotation to the slowly moving discoid. Rooney and Looney are scrubbing the ice feverishly [Seven seconds of silence. Dull "tap."] Looks like another good throw for the Creston Codswallopers.
Yes I realize I'm showing my philistinism. But if you can't be philistine about curling, what is left?

This, however, is otherwise perfectly comprehensible:
"On a related note, I have a beige leather tie which I wore once covering a curling tournament in 1991 in Creston B.C. First $150 gets it."
The guy does have a sense of humor.

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