Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Protest Too Much, Much?

As rightwing posts go, this wingnut screed if full of ranty goodness.

The amount of heat and lack of light in this post from the Thune-associated South Dakota Politics blog makes me think there may be more to the Gannon story than previously suspected. It's a pretty astounding level of hyperventilation [warning: 350 kB Ivan Stang .wav file].

And the guy is evidently a history professor. Imagine that.

He tries to use some scattered lefty comments to smear the whole Democratic party as angry. Then he supports his argument with an un-disclaimered link to Little Green Footballs, which has long brimmed with hate and racism. Yowza, way to undermine your argument, professor.

He also makes this interesting claim: "Reporters have recently told me that the Daschle campaign had been sending them photos of Gannon for at least a year to discredit him. " So they knew he was a prostitute a year before most others new, and they kept quiet about it? I think there's a story or two in that alone.

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