Monday, February 28, 2005

Coincidence, Maybe

AP writes a strange-sounding breaking story: Federal Judge Finds Two Bodies in Home:
CHICAGO - A federal judge discovered two bodies in her home Monday night, and authorities were investigating the deaths.

U.S. District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow found the bodies about 6 p.m., when she returned home from work, police spokesman Pat Camden said.

The judge was uninjured.

Authorities did not identify the bodies and did not disclose the cause of death.
That Judge's name sure sounds familiar.

Ah, remember the racist Matt Hale, and his racist World Church of the Creator? He's had some dealings with this judge:
Hale went so far as to solicit the murder of Judge Lefkow and attempt to influence her by force. He was arrested by federal agents in January 2003 and was convicted on the charges last spring. United States v. Hale....
I'm sure the authorities already know this.

[Update: How horrible: the dead were her husband and mother, apparently killed execution-style. And, predictably, the white supremacy angle is part of the investigation. See here .]

1 comment:

gaw3 said...

Yeah it's the same judge. It was her husband and her mother who were executed in the basement. Repulsive.

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