Monday, February 21, 2005

WH Press Corps

I've been studying the Jeff Gannon/ James Guckert fracas with some shadenfreude.

A few things to note:

1) Being a prostitute is not a private act. Posting pictures of yourself nude on the world-wide-web is even less private. Gannon/Guckert made his flesh public by putting it on the web. People who investigate your sex-for-money schemes are not "invading your privacy." They are looking into your business dealings.

2) This Gannon/Guckert person, a prostitute, was called on by President George W. Bush to ask a question in a nationally televised Press Conference. No modern president asks questions at random to specific persons in a crowd -- they are pointed to this "reporter" or that one.

How did that come about?

Beyond that, for now, let's point towards Keith Olbmermann, who even works on Sunday and makes several cogent points.

I'm sure no one would have to mention any of this if a Democrat were in the White House while a prostitute asked a Democrat a question. Real Media would be all over that. Since it's a Republican man-whore asking a Republican president a question, we should all be reverent.

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