Thursday, February 21, 2008

Best Media-Crit Bit so far on the NYT/McCain Story

Jay Rosen: For the New York Times, as Well, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Risks

I'm getting pretty sick of the Times. The lobbyist and Paxon story was a solid one and they muddied it with sexual innuendo that they can't substantiate beyond "He said...."

They ran an eviscerated story, I'm sure, due to being lawyered and muscled by Bob Bennett.

Now conservatives will say "See, the NYT is publishing bullshit stories about McCain because it wants Obama to win." And the NY Times, using the same "let's make the conservatives feel better" that made them put William "Always Wrong" Kristol on the Op-Ed page, will feel they have to show their balance.

So, a prediction: The Times will run a truly bullshit "there's no there there" story a la Whitewater about Obama during this campaign so they can point and say "See! We're balanced! We run bullshit stories about both sides."

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