Monday, February 04, 2008

This is hard to for me to write off

I was thinking "Gee the Clintons haven't been too racist and awful recently, maybe I should rethink my stated revulsion at their tactics."

That didn't last too long. Ok, Bill was going to make an apology tour. But a few things make me think that, if Hillary had won in South Carolina, and it were just blacks who were pissed at his antics, I doubt he'd be making this four-stop tour of Los Angeles area black churches.

If it were really important to him, I'm sure he wouldn't have (from the same story) "... canceled a fourth appearance [scheduled at churches] to fly to New Mexico to watch the Super Bowl with Gov. Bill Richardson..."

Cause nothing says "I'm sorry" like dumping out of your tour and flying to New Mexico to eat nachos with the Guv, possibly to try and parry an endorsement (or whatever Bill was doing).

And apparently some of his supporters, who invited them into their houses of worship, thought he was going to write a letter of apology. I thought it rose to that level. But I guess that was all a misunderstanding.

I'm so tired of the Clintons.

If you live where it matters, I ask you to really consider a vote for Obama in the primaries or caucuses. Who needs more of this lame-ass drama?

But they have a lot of people everywhere who will turn out to vote for them, for whatever meager reasons they can conjure. Obama needs a lot of votes to overcome the built-in Clinton draw. And don't forget that in California, as well as in other states, many votes have already been cast via mail-in ballots and there are sundry other issues. Obama will need a deluge to overcome that, if it's even possible, no matter what the polls say.

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