Sunday, February 17, 2008


CBS News' Fernando Suarez reporting from Akron Ohio:
Hillary Clinton made a stop at the Lockheed Martin plant in Akron today, but about the only thing that was hot in the room were the reactors working in the plant. Clinton received an awkwardly chilly reception at the plant, so much so that upon taking the stage the music was cut short because the crowd was just standing there watching her and no longer clapping.


Clinton then began laying out her standard stump speech and when she reached key applause lines like wanting to build up America’s manufacturing plants or offering universal health care or even building America’s national defense programs, there was nothing but silence.

In fact, Clinton’s first applause came 11 minutes into a 12 minute speech when she said she would bring troops home from Iraq. Clinton quickly wrapped up her speech following the applause.


Having been to more Clinton events than I care to remember, this was by far the shortest speech and most silent reception I can recall.
It's not looking bad for her in Ohio polls yet, but it's gotta be rough to campaign in places like that. Obama was nowhere near, so she can't blame such a tepid response on him cornering all the oxygen in the room.

It's only one stop but still... take a hint.

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