Wednesday, January 26, 2005

China In A Bull Shop

Economist: China Loses Faith in Dollar:

China has lost faith in the stability of the U.S. dollar and its first priority is to broaden the exchange rate for its currency from the dollar to a more flexible basket of currencies, a top Chinese economist said Wednesday at the World Economic Forum.

At a standing-room only session focusing on the world's fastest-growing economy, Fan Gang, director of the National Economic Research Institute at the China Reform Foundation, said the issue for China isn't whether to devalue the yuan but "to limit it from the U.S. dollar."


"The U.S. dollar is no longer -- in our opinion is no longer -- (seen) as a stable currency, and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time," Fan said, speaking in English.

So we't not only lost the high moral ground, the fear of our military, and diplomatic strength. We've also lost faith in the soundness of the dollar among some of our biggest creditors.
I don't know a lot about economics, but I can't believe this is good news.

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