Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dems and Gonzales

I've had my fantasies about what I'd wish one or another Dem would do during the Gonzales hearings.

One is to play the famous dental torture scene from Marathon Man, with the volume cranked. Note that there was no organ failure, so that would be OK based on the infamous torture memo.

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"So, according to these standards, Mr. Gonzales, this scene did not depict torture, correct?"

Secondly, find a totally innocent Iraqi who was abused or tortured, and have him face down Gonzales. Tell the guy's story, that he was an ordinary dude, not a terrorist, and he was tortured by US troops, and wave that memo at Gonzales again.

And conclude with "Every country in the world knows what George Bush thinks of human rights by the fact that he appointed a torture-enabler to be the head law enforcement officer in the US. "

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