Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jesusland, Scanty on the Jesus

The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience is a meaty rundown of the moral deficiencies of the Moral Majoritarians:
"Whether the issue is divorce, materialism, sexual promiscuity, racism, physical abuse in marriage, or neglect of a biblical worldview, the polling data point to widespread, blatant disobedience of clear biblical moral demands on the part of people who allegedly are evangelical, born-again Christians. The statistics are devastating."
Jesus was strongly against divorce and remarriage. But Jesusland isn't, apparently.

Even more than the materialism and war-mongering of this crowd, the fact that they don't look to Jesus' own repeated statements about about divorce makes their harping about gay marriage and abortion -- on which Jesus is silent -- even more hypocritical.

But, as we've seen, they don't know the Bible too well anyway.

Link via Oliver Willis, and the whole piece is worth reading: it gives chapter and verse and is damning.

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