Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Scream

I admit I haven't had the heart for politics recently. Bush won and that really was a national disgrace. But I recently posted this picture I took on the street and I suppose I should speak up a bit, since it asks some questions I have asked myself.

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Successive Grafitti


Now What?

I'm there with Atrios, Josh Marshall, and others in saying that if Democrats can't stand up for Social Security, what the hell will they stand up for? Maybe they'll consider rewriting the Thirteenth Amendment. Maybe every bit of progressive legislation in the past two centuries is up for grabs.

I'm only partly joking. Where will the Democrats fight back? Apparently nowhere.

There is no frontier the Republicans can cross that the establishment Democrats won't say "Ok, we can live with that and nibble around the edges."

Redistribution to the rich? Hey that's ok. Torture? Hey, that's ok, too -- maybe a good thing, even. Union busting? Fine. Pollution? If Bush says so. Larger deficits so more money goes into the pockets of the already rich? No quibbles there.

I've become disgusted with the opposition party, since they don't seem to oppose anything that's screwing this nation and this world. And even when you expect them to mount an offensive on some minor point, they are so incompetent as to be losers from word one.

Why is it business as usual in DC with the Dems, while the Republicans are constantly and aggressively taking new territory in every congressional district, judgeship, rhetorical perch, and dog catcher slot? I've voted largely Democrat all my life, but if they don't get their shit together, why should I bother to vote for them at all?

The Democrats lost this presidential election by a relatively small sliver of national votes. Why are they acting like they are a tiny party in a huge coalition government?

I have no idea. But, even worse, the Dems appear to have no clue.

The current state of the Democrats is even more depressing to me than Kerry losing. I want some aggressive and thoughtful lines in the sand. To me, these are not just sane policy, but winning political positions. To the DC Democrats, they are evidently "not prudent."

Get real or get gone.

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