Monday, January 10, 2005

Gee, tortured the wrong guy...Again

German's Claim of Kidnapping Brings Investigation of U.S. Link

German citizen, with no ties to terrorism and under no suspicion of terror, is abducted, taken to Afghanistan, held for five months, and claims to have been tortured.
It was the first day of what Mr. Masri said would become five months in captivity. In an interview, he said that after being kidnapped by the Macedonian authorities at the border, he was turned over to officials he believed were from the United States. He said they flew him to a prison in Afghanistan, where he said he was shackled, beaten repeatedly, photographed nude, injected with drugs and questioned by interrogators about what they insisted were his ties to Al Qaeda.

He was released without ever being charged with a crime.
Two years ago, maybe even a year ago, I wouldn't have beleived the US could be involved in this. Now it's all too possible.

And what will we hear from all the people who are, in word only, "against torture" but who never seem to mind it actually happening?

"Regrettable." "Tragic miscarriage...." All kinds of stuff which boil down to "Shit happens."

Thanks George W. Bush.

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