Thursday, October 07, 2004

Can't Import Drugs from Canada or the UK!

Individuals can't at least, because the Bush administration wants US drug companies to get inflated profits. [Of course, the FDA gave the lame excuse that terrorists are more likely to taint drugs from the UK or Canada than those from the US.]

Turns out that the federal goverment relies on plants in other countries for flu vaccine. When a vaccine plant in the UK is shut down by the steadfast British regulators, the company can't send vaccines to the US and there's a shortage.

I emphasize that the UK has an advanced regulatory system and caught the problem with the vaccine.

Seems like the Feds really believe that the UK is a great place to buy vaccines from. They just don't want individuals to be able to get cheaper drugs from well-regulated countries abroad, since it would hurt the profit margins of Big Pharma.

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Anonymous said...

Good drug companies offer discounted or free drugs to those that need them. Free trade needs to work both ways. Simply getting cheaper drugs from somewhere else may do more harm than good exposing people to weaker or placebo products. Buyer beware sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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