Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Quite a few people have pointed to the DEAD LETTER OFFICE at GeorgeWBush.org -- a parody domain where real bush-cheney operatives accidently sent email.

There's much to laugh at there, but for now I'll look at one email that doesn't seem funny.
-----Original Message-----

From: Carolyn Coda [mailto:carolyn_coda@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, October 04, 2004 3:10 PM
To: JHogan@georgewbush.org

for future reference, no mention of WDH and legal
or anything work related on the other address. thanks.

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So, Carolyn Coda is informing a jhogan at georgewbush.org (whoops, that should be .com! -- meaning a jhogan working for bush-cheney '04) ixnay on the "WDH and legal or anything work related on the other address."

What's the other address? is it an RNC or Bush - Cheney address?

What is "WDH?" What legal issues is Carolyn Coda working on?

Very interesting.

I'm sure there'll be more to come out of this deadletter list.

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