Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Rumsfeld's Brain

PBS's Frontline series this week airs Rumsfeld's War, a fine documentary about Bush's military. Highly recommended, so check your local listings.

Of course, they showed quite a bit of footage of Rumsfeld in his "rock star" phase, when he was firing off quips at press conferences. And, of course, I thought about how little they trot him out anymore. Gee, wonder why?

Because of stuff like this:
US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has implicitly admitted the Pentagon had no specific plans for handling a widespread insurgency in the aftermath of the US-led invasion of Iraq (news - web sites), but still insisted US pre-war planning was "good."

The remarks, made on Tuesday in an interview with Cincinnati, Ohio, radio station, came amid a barrage of charges by Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and his aides that the White House had failed to adequately plan for the possibility of a guerrilla war in Iraq.
Yup, the planning was good -- it's just too bad that the good planning was for another war and not the actual war we're fighting.

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